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Teaching & Examination Systems

Teaching and Examination system bears testimony to the standard of an institution. Class are conducted in AISC by efficient and skilled teachers. In some classes’ multimedia are applied by projector. Before a semester examination a monthly test is taken as well as several class test are taken. Three semester examinations are held here. Combined merit positions is fixed on the basis of the obtained marks of 3rd semester’s 50% 2nd semester 25% as well as 1st semester 25% in total 100% marks. So, it is essential to do better in every exam. The first and foremost duty of a student is to study regularly.

The answer scripts of every examinations are sent to the guardian by the lessons. Guardians will sign in the relevant portion and give by 7 working days. Thus result is notified to the guardians. Not only that the progress reports of exam is sent to the guardians by learners and the guardians will send back that by signing and observing exclusive action is taken for the students who do not do better in the exam. The answer scripts of annual exam are not showed to the learners and guardians. To challenge any answer script application is to be done to the principle by giving 50 taka per subject.

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